How The Body Works

WATCH blood flow!
HEAR the heart pump!
DISCOVER the digestive tract!

How The Body Works brings to life the wonders - and fun! - of physiology. Included is a six-foot tall house that unfolds to 25 feet wide. Behind each panel is a surprise: human-cell micro-photographs, a giant brain, a chorus of skeletons, a ten-foot tall circulatory system, and an eight-foot blinking nerve cell. Study guide included. K through 6th grade.

"Marvin has developed such a creative and entertaining presentation of educational material that 'How The Body Works' has consistently been booked to capacity (2000 students) each time he has performed in the Bank Of America Arts Showcase Series. Working with Marvin is always a pleasure."

Cynthia A. Goldsmith
Community Outreach Coordinator
Providence Performing Arts Series

"For this year's Science Expo, we were thrilled to have Marvelous Marvin perform his rhyming and wonderfully fun show, 'How The Body Works'. Marvin's creative approach engaged and delighted our audience with many surprises throughout the show."

Jane Moreno
Science Expo Coordinator
CT. Public Broadcasting Inc.