Science Dance

SEE a magic show!    PLAY with toys!    DANCE!

Marvelous Marvin’s Science Dance begins by revealing some secrets of magic and science. Then we go on a hunt for verbs in the huge toy pile! Finally, we make a dance of jumping, skipping, popping, sliding and stretching.

"Marvin's program was entertaining as well as educational. It is very difficult to keep the attention of 3 year olds, but Marvin did a wonderful job."

Sally Ann McDonald
Tower Day School

"The science program that Marvin offered was outstanding. Philip placed in the fifth grade achievement even though he was not yet in the first grade."

Lory C. Snady-McCoy
MD & parent

"Marvin really brought science to life for the kids, use of actions words, and rhyming fit in perfectly with our curriculum."

"Marvin was fabulous! All the teachers were highly impressed with how much knowledge he fit into an hour- literacy, science, song, dance...Every student was highly engaged the entire time"

Martin Luther King Ele. School
A Hartford Performs School