The Magic of Science

BEHOLD the twirling perpetuos!
MARVEL at the 8ft tall photo collage!
THRILL to the billiard ball spinning sculptures!

The Magic of Science explains the scientific process, from the art of experimenting to the creation of an invention. With simple experiments that kids can try at home, they learn about air pressure, carbon dioxide and the invention of the wheel. The Magic of Science draws a link between the work of artists and scientists, encouraging persistence and exploration. Study guide included. K through 6th grade.

"In this one show Marvin capitalized on the wonder and magic that excites children and motivates them to learn."

Principal, Carl Thompson Ele. School

"Should you employ Marvelous Marvin, you are in for a magical, scientific experience!"

North Smithfield Public Library

"What's great about 'The Magic Of Science' is that teachers can easily use the material for classroom activities."

Rhodes School